Ancient Egypt Unit Study by Royal Baloo

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Ancient Egypt Unit Study by Royal Baloo

Ancient Egypt (aka Kemet) was a fascinating period of time with interesting people, exciting culture, and so much to learn.

We wanted a unit study to explore all the great parts of Ancient Egypt in fun and engaging ways. So that's what we created!


This is a digital product. You will receive a PDF via e-mail.


What's included in the unit study:

  • Literature suggestions
  • Hands-on activities
  • Timeline with Timeline cards
  • Discussion questions
  • Alternate ideas including vocabulary, videos, and games
  • Overview of each Interesting events, people, etc


What do you use as a spine? 

My recommended spine is the Usborne Encyclopedia of World History. However, I also provide page references for Everything You Need to Ace World History in One Big Fat Notebook.

There are no required books but it is recommended to pick a book for each unit or section.

For a complete suggested book list, visit here:
Ancient History Book List


Is it secular?

Yes! My whole goal was to provide a history curriculum that did not come from a religiously biased point of view and did not rely on any texts with a religious bias. 

Religion will be covered as appropriate. I.E. We will discuss Egyptian gods and myths. They will be presented in a historically factual manner as appropriate for kids.


What age range is this meant for?

I have designed this to work with my kids, primarily my elementary age kids. However, I have also provided extra pages for middle school age kids to work on note-taking and writing skills.


Any more questions? Send me a message or e-mail me at erin at royalbaloo dot com