Early Humans (Prehistory) Unit Study by Royal Baloo

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Early Humans (Prehistory) Unit Study by Royal Baloo

 What happened before humans started writing down history? What did our ancestors do, what did they eat, and where did they live?

Learn all about early humans!


**This unit doesn't really cover evolution. There are a few mentions of evolution but I feel that would be better covered in a science unit study. I am working on an elementary aged evolution unit study but it is not ready yet.


Would you like to see an example of my history unit studies? There is a sample of Ancient Egypt available for download


What's included in the unit study:

  • Literature suggestions
  • Hands-on activities
  • Timeline with Timeline cards
  • Discussion questions
  • Alternate ideas including vocabulary, videos, and games
  • Overview of each Interesting events, people, etc


What do you use as a spine? 

My recommended spine is the Usborne Encyclopedia of World History. However, I also provide page references for Everything You Need to Ace World History in One Big Fat Notebook.

There are no required books but it is recommended to pick a book for each unit or section.

For a complete suggested book list, visit here:
Prehistory Book List


Is it secular?

Yes! My whole goal was to provide a history curriculum that did not come from a religiously biased point of view and did not rely on any texts with a religious bias. 

Religion will be covered as appropriate. I.E. We will discuss Egyptian gods and myths. They will be presented in a historically factual manner as appropriate for kids.


What age range is this meant for?

I have designed this to work with my kids, primarily my elementary age kids. However, I have also provided extra pages for middle school age kids to work on note-taking and writing skills.


Any more questions? Send me a message or e-mail me at erin at royalbaloo dot com